Beth Shedd | Photography and Graphics

I am Beth Shedd, and ‘PhotOptimist’ is home to my photography and graphic design.

Everything I photograph or design is created with a central goal in mind – connection. Whether I am photographing someone or designing something for them to enjoy, my goal is to connect people to those sometimes tiny and often significant ‘keepsake moments’ that bring them joy.

In the area of photography, I do senior, family and professional portraits as well as non-profit event photography. I also do commissioned landscape photography suitable for framing. In the area of design, I’ve made everything from word-collage-pillows and yearbook ads to marketing brochures, business cards and memory books. Check out my Pinterest page to get an idea of some of the crazy items I’ve been asked to create. I love it when people come to me and say, “Beth, I’m not sure if you can do this, but I’d really like to see if you can….”  Game on – try me!

My joy comes from connecting to you and helping you connect to your joy. Please browse my site and tell me what you think!


7 thoughts on “Beth Shedd | Photography and Graphics

  1. Beth is a dream to work with–she is creative, efficient, impressive, professional and truly saved me a ton of time and money during this very busy 2015-16 senior year. Beth created my daughter’s senior yearbook spread, and provided me with delightful, well crafted one-of-a-kind WHS graduation presents for 4 graduating seniors. (I was only going to buy one keepsake pillow for my daughter but when I saw how awesome they were, I quickly purchased 3 more!). When I contacted Beth about the senior yearbook piece, I was desperate–the due date was near, and although I had selected my daughter’s photos and some captions for the yearbook, there was no way I was going to be able to put these together in any dignified way. I contacted Beth and within hours–HOURS–I had the most gorgeous photo spread for the yearbook. Beth, thank you for your talents and for your time! I feel so lucky to have found you!


  2. Beth is a consummate professional and was fun to work with. I needed a basic head-shot for my corporate website and what was delivered was beyond expectations! Beth spent the extra time to capture multiple poses/backgrounds, and her preference to use natural lighting made all the difference. I have received countless compliments on the photo, so major kudos to the lady behind the lens!


  3. Thank you, Beth, for everything! Your support of ideas brought to you has been wonderful. But those ideas were made especially great as you enhanced them with your creativity!! The “photo-sketch” note cards made from photographs of my graduating Seniors’ schools were certainly well received by teachers and staff as our thanks at Graduation! Appreciate so much the Raiders WHS pillow too – this was a very special gift! And I will recommend you to everyone for amazing Senior Ads for the WHS yearbook – your photography and composition made our Ad shine!


  4. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Beth! Her ability to explain Apple’s Aperture program was clear and practical. Thank you for helping me to organize my photos and showing me how to scan photos into my library. I’m thrilled that I will now be able to use and find the thousands of photos in my photo library.


  5. A beautiful website–like the person who created it and is delivering such high quality photo and graphic products. I am so proud of you–and all the photos you created for my blogs at…more than 50 now:). Your talents have helped me elevate my image as a coach and writer. Much success to you…and thanks for continuing to spread so much joy. Gail


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