Christmas Card Portrait Session

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Darcey, Penny - Testimonial

“Take the hassle and pain out of capturing your family photos, call Beth Shedd!!  She scouted a perfect outdoor location, put us all at ease and within FIFTEEEN minutes we had numerous great choices.  Beth’s use of natural light resulted in a warm, wonderful series of photos.  Thank you Beth for such a pleasant photo session!”

P. Darcey, Wellesley, MA ~ December 2015


Author: Beth Shedd is PhotOptimist.

Since I was old enough to hold a camera, I have been focusing on the beauty in our world. My joy in life comes from peaceful and connected moments with my family, friends and surroundings. I created photOptimist to bring my passion for photography and graphics together. I love working with my customers to either capture their authentic personality in a portrait session or to create one of a kind gifts that reveal and connect them with their memories, family and friends.

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