Photo Collage Pillows!

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16×16″ Photo Pillows are a wonderful way to decorate a room and celebrate life events. I created these pillows for 11 high school friends to remember their years of friendship.

“Beth’s creativity and hard work is unmatched.  It was so much fun to collaborate with her!!!  I could not have been more thrilled with how adorable the end product was.  She is the best and most creative designer that I’ve worked with.  They were the most memorable graduation gifts for my daughter and her friends…. When the moms saw them they wanted to keep them for themselves!!!!”

Carol B, Wellesley, MA. ~ June 2015


Author: Beth Shedd is PhotOptimist.

Since I was old enough to hold a camera, I have been focusing on the beauty in our world. My joy in life comes from peaceful and connected moments with my family, friends and surroundings. I created photOptimist to bring my passion for photography and graphics together. I love working with my customers to either capture their authentic personality in a portrait session or to create one of a kind gifts that reveal and connect them with their memories, family and friends.

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