Event Photography

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“Beth Shedd is an amazing photographer! Her ability to capture small moments that tell an amazing story is truly nothing short of a skill she has mastered!  You can meet with her for 30 minutes and she immediately knows what you are looking for.  She is an amazing listener and therefore can help one to describe in detail what the final product needs to look like.  Beth has a very warm, friendly, engaging and professional demeanor.  I hired her for a work event and look forward to working with her on many many more professional and personal projects! Please do not hesitate to call me.”

Peg Fischer, Director of Mission Advancement, St. John School, Wellesley, MA

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Author: Beth Shedd is PhotOptimist.

Since I was old enough to hold a camera, I have been focusing on the beauty in our world. My joy in life comes from peaceful and connected moments with my family, friends and surroundings. I created photOptimist to bring my passion for photography and graphics together. I love working with my customers to either capture their authentic personality in a portrait session or to create one of a kind gifts that reveal and connect them with their memories, family and friends.

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